Monday, July 24, 2017

Kids' Travel Passport Activity!

At the very beginning of Summer, we took a trip to Taiwan to visit my family. 

I was SO excited to see my family! .... terrified of the prospect of how to entertain my children for the 24 hours of travel it took to get there! 

Upon asking my friends for suggestions on ways to entertain my children on a trip, a wise friend recommended a checklist to help them prepare for the various steps in a trip and know what was coming next.

I loved this idea and the idea became the springboard for my kids' travel passport activity booklet.

She suggested, oftentimes, children feel out of control because they don't know what to expect and feel out of the loop, which totally is how my kids are, so I combined the idea of the checklist she gave me and a travel journal, and customized one specifically for my kiddos and our trip!

I think they turned out pretty cool! We'll definitely be making one for each trip in the future! 
The travel book had a fun cardstock cover, loosely modeled after the US passports; Full trip itinerary compete with checklist; individual entries devoted to each leg of the trip with prompts; color maps of both the United States and Taiwan so we could show them where we were going; world map, just to show the full effect.

Bonus: It turned out to be a great time for our 5 year old to practice writing letters and reading. We would write what she dictated on a scrap piece of paper, and she would copy the words right into her travel book! And, the kid loves drawing, so it was a good chance for us to entertain her with just pen and paper... 
This was my favorite photo she drew. The kids had a blast playing in this little rock pit before lunch. I was amazed at her detail! :) I'm SO glad I made this little book and had a chance to peek into that little mind. 

Here's the very best part... I have made a copy to share with YOU! It is in Google Slides in view only mode. You can save a copy and customize it for your very own trip this summer!

You can get to it here:

Make sure to snap some pics of your kids enjoying their travel books and tag me on Instagram!! @theParsleyLife 

I can't wait to see what you (and your kiddos) create!!