Sunday, December 12, 2010


Athy was absolutely amazing! After touring the concentrates facility we were invited out to dinner by Ray and Pat. It turned out to be quite a fun experience. We originally planned to go to LaScala Italian restaurant, but due to the snow, the entire country seemed to have shut down! We saw tractors trying to break up the snow in the hotel parking lot. We ended up slipping and sliding down the street to Ngai Restaurant and had some great Asian food! 
[This is our appetizer, complete with BBQ ribs, egg rolls, samosas, and chicken satay... yum yum!]
After dinner, Ray and Pat insisted that we needed to see a real Irish pub. Crit (Dave's co-worker) had been to one called "Durty Nelly's" by Bunratty Castle. We were quickly assured that Durty Nelly's was a tourist trap and nothing like a real Irish pub... so after dinner, we slid just a bit further down the street to Clancy's. What was funny about the whole evening is that Ray, Pat, Dave and I don't drink alcohol... So we all sat down to a nice bottle of Coca-Cola and watched as the bartender expertly pulled Guinness from the tap as Crit enjoyed his drink. 

[The extra big smiles in this photo are because we finally got our luggage in! ]
What was fun about the pub was that there was a license plate from the Kentucky Horse Park! I was so excited. You'd be surprised, when I mentioned I was from Kentucky, more people recognized it as the place where the Kentucky Derby is held than anything else. It happens that there's a pretty big horse following in Ireland. I thought it was pretty neat!

And, of course, I need to show our excellent hosts! They were such wonderful people and definitely made the beginning of our trip an absolutely memorable experience. Ray is getting married in the Spring---so keep him and his bride-to-be in your prayers! I'm hoping that Pat will be able to bring his family out to Kentucky. Of all the places in the states he wants to visit, he specifically wants to visit Eastern Kentucky---what are the chances he would meet us? 

Thanks, again, guys! We are so happy to have met you and I do hope our paths cross again. Pat, I promise to post some more food pictures soon. I've been pretty busy with the super-heroing since I've been home--- you know, lots of work to get caught up on! :) 

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