Thursday, December 9, 2010

Athy---/əˈθaɪ/ Sneak Peek

What a wonderful town! Everyone is so nice and kind and hospitable! I got to tour the Athy Concentrates factory and see where they make the concentrates for Coca-Cola products in Europe, Asia and Africa. The factory just smelled so good, I just wanted to eat it all up! The first thing you smell as you walk up towards the building is the sweet familiar smell of Coca-Cola... Yum! Travelling to Waterford tomorrow, I will post more about Athy then. Above is a picture from my trip to a REAL Irish pub! After visiting Athy Concentrates I just had to have a Coke. Susan was right, Coca-Cola from a bottle tastes much better than from a can! (Also, I think Coca-Cola in Ireland is better than in the States. It doesn't taste as syrupy sweet.)

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