Monday, December 6, 2010

The Wonders of Travel

Well, our trip to Ireland has definitely been interesting to say the least! After missing a connection flight due to Delta under staffing, getting pushed a day behind schedule, and having our luggage lost... we are finally safe and sound in Athy, Ireland. And we couldn't be more blessed. By a stroke of luck, when we first checked in our luggage was 1 lb overweight so we moved my boots out of our checked baggage and into Dave's carry on. What providence! When we arrived in Ireland there was freezing fog ready to greet us and frost and snow all over the Irish country side---what a sight to see!

I am absolutely amazed at how kind the Irish people are! I'm sure they would have given us the clothes on their back. We arrived at the hotel in the same clothes we've worn for 3 days. So that we would have something to wear while our clothes were being washed, one of the hotel staff went back to her house (in the snow!) and picked up some of her son's clothes for us to borrow. Another offered to purchase clothes for us after she got off work and bring it back to us at the hotel. We are so blessed. I can't wait to see more of Ireland! :)

And now for some of the first photos of our Ireland trip!

[This is how it all began...]

[Chilling out at the Newark airport---The Continental terminal is pretty awesome! We ended up waiting there for about 7 hrs for our flight.]

[My lunch after a long long morning of traveling. We basically were non-stop from 12 PM Sunday until 2 PM Monday morning. All with no luggage! haha]

[Snow---A very rare sight in Ireland. It's beautiful though.]

[My first "meat and potatoes" dinner in Ireland. Just as delicious as I had hoped!]

I'm looking forward to see what else Ireland has in store!

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