Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seattle x3

It's been quite a while since my last post---Sadly, we haven't taken too many trips this year. I went back to work for a little in January after we got back from Ireland and worked up until just recently in May.

This Summer, Dave and I took our annual vacation to Seattle. We love Seattle. We've been there every year since we started dating. We actually bought my engagement ring in Seattle! So the Emerald City holds a very special place in both our hearts.

It just seemed fitting that we take our last vacation without a little munchkin to Seattle! :) It was a "babymoon" of sorts. There was lots of eating and sleeping! [Mental note: Next time we plan a vacation, don't plan it during the first trimester! It'd be nice to see more stuff and not be so needy!]

Since we've seen a lot of the touristy stuff, we spent a lot of time seeing things we wanted to see.

Time for some pictures!
We found this great Taiwanese restaurant in Bellevue! They have all these great Taiwanese snacks and treats there. 

At the Ballard Locks! :)

I didn't get a picture last time we went---but I got an official picture this visit! :)

Visiting LaPush Beach! :) 
On a ferry to visit Bainbridge Island!
On our way up Mt. Rainier... This was where the snow had all melted.
Look at all the snow! :) It was beautiful.
Dave and me at Sunrise Viewpoint on Mt. Rainier. It was so beautiful and chilly!
I've got a couple more pictures on my cell phone that I will transfer over tomorrow---right now, the baby bump is begging me for a nap! 

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  1. I love the pics of Forks and LaPush beach. I am so excited for Breaking Dawn Part 1 in November...we will have to go see it :-)