Monday, October 24, 2011

The Scariest Final Exam... EVER!

This is our favorite "creepy eye" photo from the 21 week ultrasound! :) Do you see her waving?
I've always been a good test taker... but I've always been terrible at anything that requires physical strength or endurance. But now I'm studying for the biggest final exam that combines the two... I am completely terrified!
At 14 weeks pregnant!

I've always been able to fall back on sheer luck when it came to exams in school. I was that kid that never studied, never did homework, but somehow managed to pull off good grades. I've found that subject matter was a big factor in how well I did in class. If it was something I was interested in, I'd pass with flying colors; something I didn't enjoy too much, I did all right.

Now, let's not talk about the physical aspect of things.... I've been working on some physical strength the last year or so and I'm hoping that's made enough of a change to make a difference. 

Well, in this case, I've been devouring books since I first found out I was pregnant! I can honestly tell you, I have read 5 books already and am still finding more to read. I am positive that the books will not give me all the information I need---but I just keep feeling like if I just read one more, somehow I'll unlock that secret clue I haven't yet found. It's like storing fat for the winter, "If I just eat one more cinnamon roll, I'll just have that much more to keep me warm!" :)

I've come to the conclusion that preparing for this first child really is like taking a college class.

Our little girl at 9 weeks!
"Welcome to Pregnancy and Childbirth 101. In this class we will spend most of the class covering Pregnancy, and a little bit on Childbirth and then you'll have a group final exam. This is a pass/fail class."

You end up spending most of your class on the Pregnancy portion---the easy part! You already know most of it going into class and it's easy-peasy! You don't have to do anything different than what you've been doing before. Sure, you learn a little more about the importance of proper diet and exercise, and start doing your homework. Otherwise, it's just getting through. There are a few homework assignments, you turn in some samples, get a few ultrasounds, but not too much work on your part. You have a couple of pop quizzes that throw you for a loop: the migraines, the nausea, getting sick... but, it just comes down to luck, whether you happened to review your notes before class or not. Luckily, the pop quizzes have no effect on your final grade, the Professor just wants to see how you handle surprises. You start meeting classmates and start picking out who you'll want to work with on the final exam.

Some of your classmates are taking this class for the first time like you; some of them have taken this class a few times and may have even taken additional classes to help supplement passing the class; and there are even some that love this class so much they've made it their career! They've gotten their doctorate in this class and hang around to help others pass this class.
At 17 weeks...

Then, you get to the part you know nothing about. It's like hearing how bad O-Chem is from everyone who's ever taken it. You just hear horror stories. The Professor's not going to be in town for any of this portion, so He wants you to learn this yourself---whether you study is up to you, but there will be an exam after and you start selecting and working with your group members. Maybe you find all the textbooks you can on the subject and start reading away. Maybe you go out and hire a tutor or even check out the school's study group. Or maybe you just decide that you'll rely on your group members to help you through; after all, they've already taken this class tons of times and passed. They know what they're doing, they made it their career! Whatever you want to do, but it's all completely up to you.

Then, you've got your first big exam coming up. It's your first time taking a class with this Professor... You don't know what kind of test writer He is. You have absolutely no idea what He's got in store for you... You figure all you can do it study all the way up until the test. Oh, and did I mention it's going to be a "pop-exam"? He's not gonna tell you when He's going to give you the exam!

That's where I am now... I'm studying very hard. And anxiously awaiting my exam... I'm praying that it's closer to the due date so that Baby Ella and I have a little more time to study!

Our most recent ultrasound at 21 weeks!

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