Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye, Second Trimester!

As the last week of my second trimester comes to a close, I've noticed so has the ease of second trimester... The fatigue has returned and the unrestful nights of sleep... and the itchy belly! 

however... the plus side to all of this is our little girl is getting bigger and stronger and we are just that much closer to meeting our precious baby! I feel really strong baby kicks all day!! It's the weirdest feeling and sometimes comes at the funniest times!

On Halloween, Dave and I celebrated a year of us being married. Technically, a year and a half of being married. We actually got married back in March of last year, but we had our "formal" wedding in October. This past March we weren't able to celebrate our anniversary, but this October, with the baby on the way, Dave insisted on planning something really special! 

Dave ended up surprising me with a dinner at the Merrick Inn... it was so yummy! One of the few times I was grateful of my maternal appetite. What was funny was the entire appetizer Baby Gabriella had hiccups! It tickles when you have baby hiccups going on in your belly. :) 

Then during my entree, Gabriella decided she wanted kick up a storm! I told Dave that Ella was giving Daddy her approval of his choice for our anniversary dinner. 

We've now finished all of our Bradley classes [tear..] and are trying to remember to practice our relaxation before I get too tired at night! It's easy to remember to do my exercises because they ease the persistent low back and pelvic pain that has started. 

It's starting to become very real that we're going to have a baby! I've been a basket case extremely emotional about getting the nursery prepared. My poor hubby has been woken up in the middle of the night to a wife bawling in the bathroom about how we have "nothing" for the baby..... I love pregnancy hormones!

We ended up going up to Ikea this past weekend and have purchased the crib, mattress, changing table, and some decor for the room. We're now making the final decision on the nursing chair for the nursery. The guest room is starting to look like a baby's room now! 

We will be taking some family photos with my family Thanksgiving weekend and are going to take the opportunity to take some maternity photos as well. :) Our family friend is going to take the photos for us... I'm really excited about it! Keep an eye out for those pictures!

For now, I'm going to need to go make myself another cup of hot chocolate for my hot chocolate addicted little girl! I have had more hot chocolate in the past week than I have had in the past year!!! Don't be surprised if my little Ella comes out of the womb with a Starbucks cup in her little hands... 

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