Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bring it on, Sugar Baby!

It has been a long time since I've written anything... A LOT has happened since I last wrote. 

We found out in November that we're expecting our second baby.

We found out the end of February that IT'S A BOY! :)

... and we found out yesterday, I have gestational diabetes, again.

I was very, very hopeful that I wouldn't have it again this time. This baby boy was a big surprise so I hadn't quite gotten down to the weight I was hoping, but, I was 5 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight with my first pregnancy. And at 24 weeks, I have been able to keep my weight gain in check, I'm only up 6-8 lbs (It fluctuates, but stays within that range!) which my doc is super happy about. And when I took that nasty glucose concoction for the test yesterday, I didn't have the obvious symptoms that I did with big sis, G. 

The doctor's office was super quick about calling me back yesterday, I took the test early in the morning and they got back to me before the end of business day, and after I got off the phone with my doc's assistant, they called to set me up for my nutritional teaching almost immediately! They have really worked out kinks in their system---kudos to them!!

My doctor wants test results to be below 140. When I tested with G my result was in the 240s!! (maybe even more...) But it was high enough that they diagnosed me without a 3-hour test. This time around my result came back 174... Is it sad that I'm ecstatic about it? 

The office was getting ready to set me up for a 3-hour because of my result, but I had discussed with my doctor that morning that if my results were borderline, I wanted to just go ahead and skip the 3-hour and proceed with the gestational diabetes protocol. He was supportive of that decision. I felt with my medical history that it wasn't worth subjecting my body to the 3-hour test a third time ) when there was a good chance I wouldn't pass it. I took the test around 11 weeks this pregnancy to rule out early onset of gestational diabetes, there are a lot more complications when it develops that early. Honestly, the testing, diet, and exercise isn't going to hurt anyone or anything... in fact, I think it makes me take better care of myself. I have to be better about eating regularly and snacking regularly, and because I like to eat a lot, it makes me have to be more conscious about what I'm eating. (ie. A bowl of strawberries or 3 cups of air popped popcorn and cheese stick OR a 1-inch cube of brownie.... dunno about you, but that's an EASY decision for me.)

So, all in all, this is a hurdle I kind of expected, had hoped we'd avoid... but am totally ready to tackle it! I started testing my blood sugar again this morning, and was pleasantly surprised that the pricking hurt less than I had anticipated. So, BRING IT ON, SUGAR BABY!! I'm ready to tackle you again with flying colors!! :)

[But, honestly, I would appreciate some prayers that my pregnancy continues to be healthy and that this doesn't cause any complications to our plan for a natural, unmedicated birth again...]

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