Saturday, June 4, 2016

Goal Setting and Consistency

Today, I got to hang out with some of the coolest chicks I know at the Cincinnati Jamberry Area Meeting! Our topic this month is consistency. That's the thing I love about Jamberry, everything you learn in Jamberry can be used in your regular life too.

My birthday is this month. My AMAZING hubby spilled the beans and gave me my birthday gift early. Instead of a gift that can be wrapped, he opted for a gift from the heart---a direct result of listening to my desires. He is giving me 12 months of no excuses for focusing on my health. He is paying for 12 months of supplements from the naturopath and 12 months to a gym!!! This sounds so silly, but I'm in tears!

So, 12 months of no excuses and consistency.

That number on the scale is a result, no matter how much I plan and think I want that number to change, it will not change without my hard work. That number is changed by controlling 4 things:
1) Decreasing calories in
2) Increasing calories out
3) Getting enough sleep out
4) Taking care of my body, eating unprocessed foods, drinking enough water, etc.

It's not rocket science. Despite what the millions of diet books and processed meal bars want you to think,  you can control your weight by taking care of your body.

So Monday marks Day 1 of working out at the gym. Today marked Day 1 of having and taking all my supplements! :)

I am so excited to see what the last year of my 20's holds for me now!!

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