Monday, May 1, 2017

Too Much Stuff!!

This past winter was particularly bad for me. I suffer from SAD pretty much every winter... but this one topped them all. Family health problems, things that struck my self confidence, and the never ending load of chores around the house. I was cleaning ALL the time, children were screaming and fighting constantly, and I was totally and completely overwhelmed. I hit an all time low. I started questioning my purpose, was this really the life I was stuck with?

It took me several months to get to this point, but the answer is "no." That was not my fate.

In the last few months, we have traveled a lot to visit family. It reminded me WHY less is more.

When you travel, you are limited by what fits in the suitcase or what fits in your car---isn't it such a liberating feeling to have only what is needed? Loved ones and a few necessities. The rest of the world is available for the conquering!

This is something we have been working to implement more in our lives, much too slowly. The other night I was FED UP with all the toys strewn about the house. We had a particularly hard day. The kids wouldn't stop fighting, they weren't listening to a single thing, and icing on the cake, we had an entire fit over eating dinner. So that night, after the kids were in bed, I pulled out a garbage bag and I started going through their toys. I sorted into three piles:
-Attempt to sell
-Give away and trash

I know I kept more than we needed, but I figured we would start small. I kept the toys that I had seen them play with or loved in the past. The next morning, I was certain we were going to have a giant fit when they woke up. Nope. They woke up and immediately were drawn over to the cleaned toy corner and started remarking, "Oh! My cat! I haven't played with this in forever!"

And over the last week, the changes have even been more pronounced. I have been able to work with less TV on and more this in the background:

What a liberating feeling!!!!!! I'm hooked. I have sorted through more toys and the next thing I'm going to tackle is clothes. I already took one load of kid's clothes to the consignment store and made $33!!

If you need me, I'll be over here sorting through more stuff to get rid of! ;)

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