Hello!! I'm Gina and I'm a work at home mom of two.
In our house, we do Disney. I love helping other people do Disney too!
Chances are, if it's nerdy... we do that too. 
I went to school for engineering, but quickly learned that wasn't the right path for me.
I am a coffee expert and perpetual learner. 
I love the challenge of figuring out something I haven't done before! 
I have learned lots of crafting, cooking, and how to run a household efficiently! 
... Well, as efficiently as possible!
You'll see me blogging about my adventures figuring all these out and living life to the fullest! 
I'm a former gestational diabetic that is working hard to take care of my whole family and keep the type II diabetic diagnosis as far away as possible. 
So grab a cup of coffee and hang out with me for a little while! 

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